Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens

Spore Propagation

All ferns at Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens are propagated from spores collected from plants both in the Gardens and from fern populations in the Southern Appalachians and Piedmont regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and from the Upper Midwest and New England. Propagation protocols are designed to facilitate cross fertilization only within species to promote genetic diversity.

The photos on this page represent a generalized view of the spore propagation process, that for most species, requires a 12 month growing period from spores to garden-ready plants.

For a detailed outline of spore propagation, click on the pdf. below

Propagation pdf.

1 Mature sori of Dryopteris marginalis

2 Sporangia of Dryopteris marginalis ready to dehisce

3 Spores of Osmunda cinnamomea

4 Gametophytes of Onoclea sensibilis at 12 weeks
5 Proto-fronds of Dryopteris goldiana at 24 weeks
6 Plug tray of Dryopteris goldiana at 48 weeks
7 8-month 4" sporophytes ready for gallon pots
8 4" pots in unheated greenhouse
9 3/4 gallon ferns most at about 11 months
10 Adiantum pedatum in a garden at 16 months