Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens

Retail Ordering Information

Crow Dog ferns are available through mail order or at the nursery by appointment. Pay Pal shopping cart mail order purchases may be completed byclicking on Catalog above and selecting Add to Cart for desired species. Payment may be made by credit card through a Pay Pal account or Checkout. Mail order purchases have a shipping rate of 25% of the total purchase amount to all destinations. Packing methods are described below.




4" Pots Ready for Garden Planting or Potting up

Price: $3.00 for all species


Delivery by Crow Dog Truck within a 100 mile radius of Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens is 15% for a $300.00 minimum order. For mail order shipping charges are 25% of order total east of the Mississippi and, approximately 30% of order total west of the Mississippi

4" pots are sold as garden ready ferns. For small to medium orders, ferns are shipped in plastic bags as semi-bare root. Plants are removed from pots, and most of the soil adhering to the roots is shaken off. Often multiple plants are packed in quart or gallon plastic zip-lock bags. Plants are heavily misted in the bags. Zip-lock bags are then placed in larger plastic bags that are tied closed and then boxed. Plants should be potted and watered immediately upon receipt. Ferns are shipped only on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure delivery by the end of the week.

Gallon ferns are at least 1 year old and ready for landscape planting. They have been in 3/4 gallon pots for 3 months or more. They are shipped like 4" pots for small orders and otherwise are shipped in 3/4 gallon pots by truck. 3/4 gallon ferns are available year round.